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I don’t know about you, but I remember a bunch of weird crap from when I was a kid. It’s so random – like, those 25 lb bags of carrots that my mom used to buy for us to snack on, and how I ate so many that I could see in the dark something […]

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meriah nichols

The Forgotten Color in the Rainbow

I care about marriage equality. I posted stuff about it on Facebook, even changed my profile photo. I did everything that was happening, as it was happening. I did this in part to be an ally to my friends who are gay and also, to be honest, because I’m old fashioned. I did it because […]

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Disability Word Policing (With Star Trek Gifs)

I’ve only been a member of the Down syndrome community for 5 years and I’ve already seen this cycle repeat itself countless times: Something happens with a word: someone famous says something offensive (- usually involving the word, “retard”) The Ds community bellows The famous person or situation or whatever apologizes The Ds community simmers […]

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Let’s Talk: Race

Race has always been something I’ve been hyper-aware of, partly because I grew up Baha’i, partly because I love and notice colours. And perhaps most significantly, because I’m white and grew up in non-white countries.   So… when Katherine and I went to the Civil Rights Museum while we were in Atalanta… It hit again. Race. IN […]

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Cliffs & Cherries: (40-50) 365 Photo Challenge

365 Photo challenge I’m still chugging away at this. You know what the biggest thing I’ve ever learned through blogging is? It’s that you can do absolutely anything, so long as you consistently practice at it. I’ve learned to build websites, all kinds of technical whaaat? stuff, simply by waking up early every day and […]

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The Question of d/Deaf Identity

Katherine and I are presenting at SDS this year on Deaf Identity. We really wanted to talk about it because we have so many questions ourselves, about what is means to be deaf – or Deaf. She wears cochlear implants, I wear hearing aids. She is fluent with ASL, I am not. Neither of us […]

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Tomorrow I’m going to be getting on an airplane with Katherine and we are taking our annual MomCation to Atlanta, Georgia. Yep. Because we are total nerds, our idea of a good time is going to present on Deaf Identity at the Society for Disability Studies – hang out and attend lots of cool lectures […]

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I took the kids down to the coast when the tide was out so we could see if we could spot anything cool. It was absolutely freezing down there – this biting wind going on with the frigid water. It always makes me laugh when people think of California beaches as these Florida-esque ones because […]

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2 Hours to Costco (A Photo Essay)

It takes me 2 hours to drive from our yurt on the hill to Costco. Or a mall. Or McDonald’s (not that I’d be going there anyway though, right?!). That sounds so far and people tend to flip out a little when they hear that, like “oh, I could NEVER do that!” But the thing […]

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Friends Visit: A Photo Essay

The last time we saw this family was in a parking lot in San Cristobel, Chiapas. We had spent a week together in Ocosingo, waiting for their trailer brake drum to arrive. Before that, we camped in the waterfalls in Chiapas together, and even before that, Mahahual. You know where we met them? Where we […]

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Poison Oak

You know those close up looks at open, oozing wounds that people take and post on Facebook? The pictures of their rashes or their kid’s diseases that are virulent, raw, and jump pretty horrifically out of your feed at you? Yeah, well, I hate that crap. That’s right up there on my list of pet […]

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